American Express Zync Zone

A project in collaboration with Chalk + Chisel. We developed a set of seven Flash based desktop applications. Spanning multiple and accommodating various configurations of full high definition screens, all applications interacted with various social APIs and/or each other; creating an impressive 'media wall' experience.

This installation traveled the country and appeared at live venues such as Austin City Limits, Pitch Fork and Mile High Music Festivals.

The Zync Medla Wall was as digital canvas, bringing to life, in real time, the passions of our audience in ways that prompt personal interaction, group participation and ongoing buzz.

  • Twitter Feed/Foursquare Feed
  • Zync Photobooth Uploads
  • Video Content: music videos and live video
  • Card Integration/Brand Messaging
  • Event Schedule

Video Wall Layout
A 20’ Video Wall to be used in any 20x20 or 30x30 tent
A 40’ Video Wall to be used in any 40x40 tent