Under Armour’s vision is to inspire you with performance solutions you never knew you needed and can’t imagine living without.

It has been an incredible privelege to work with and lead various design teams at Connected Fitness for nearly five years. Delivering on the mission and vision for Under Armour through digital. We have been focused on building health and fitness experiences across the UA Digital ecosystem of physical and digital products.

Across MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness there are millions of active users each month. UA products impact all types of users, at every step of their health and fitness journey. Leading and helping develop a true “user first” design approach has been essential to making great product. Mix that with the agility and ceremony instilled by a first-class PMO, the Design, Engineering and Product teams are highly functioning and effective. The teams build new features and experiences to “make you better” as well as maintain the existing platform for millions.

As a member of digital product leadership, part of my role was to help define vision and craft strategies to guide teams. Helping users hit their health and fitness goals is not a simple strategy to fufill. Behavior change, coaching, real-time and in-the-right-moment engagement through digital channels takes an incredible amount of discipline and teamwork. In the highly comeptitive landscape of digital health and fitness products and ever-changing landscape of technologies, identifying the right problems to solve can be challenging. Helping cement the vision for the UA app ecosystem, has been a tremendous challenge. We’ve had to trust the legacy of our product position as well as innovate and adapt to new user expectations and trends. The Digital Product team brings an entirely new set of skills to Under Armour. Melding a variety of disciplines; design, data and sports science, product management, customer service, etc. creating the ability to see around corners, spot trends, and better understand the Under Armour consumer. The core of this strategy is driven by understanding the people we are trying to serve; their motivators, goals, dreams and challenges.
At Under Armour we have developed an extremely flexible design process, all aimed at understanding our users. We can work fast and light; guerilla testing on paper, building interactive models to test online or rapid prototypes in real world scenarios. We also employ more traditional means; user studies (across continents), workshops, data analysis, as well as integration into broader brand/market research and focus group programs. We’ve modeled user “fitness journeys” and detailed personas representing the wide variety of user types across our ecosystem. All with the intention provding clear targets for our teams, rooted in user’s need and validated product insights. Ultimately, we are able to reliably design and ship features with more impact, helping you hit your goals, making you better.

Empowering users to change their lives is an awesome role to play in today’s digital world. I’d like to think that every feature we’ve shipped and experience produced was a good one and made our user’s lives easier. Truth be told, we’ve missed the mark a lot. However, when we’ve hit the target, the impact is huge! In order to get there, how we’ve worked is as important as what we deliver. Collaborating across multiple disciplines to create bite-sized and iterative steps typically lead us to the most successful releases for our users. With the high volume of daily usage, the teams are able to test, learn and iterate quickly. Once mature, we’ve had the opporunity to amplify our experiences with the power of the Under Armour brand. Aligning our digital products with the Under Armour brand has been a key role for the Digital Design and Product teams, done right, and we are able to resonate with our audience in a way that few other brands can. The stories we are able to tell around moments of user success, inspriation and motivation are 100% authentic and straight from the community, driving deep and meaningful engagements and building loyalty with the brand.